Hannah Sweetman Nutrition specialises in educating busy individuals on how to lose weight and sustain weight loss long term. This is achieved via habit formation with accountability meetings with a coach. 

What separates me from other coaches is the personal interaction you will have during your coaching period. You will interact with your coach regularly increasing accountability. I strive for all clients is to take their coaching journey as an opportunity to learn as much as possible.  That way when the coaching period finishes I can be sure they have the tools to continue to be successful with weight maintenance and for filling a healthy lifestyle long term.

About Hannah Sweetman.

My name is Hannah Sweetman and I work for the company Hannah Sweetman Nutrition. 

I work with busy everyday individuals who need support (consistency and adherence) to their weight loss goals. I achieve this with my clients via working on the habits and behaviours required to install long term change that works for their lifestyle. 

How I can help you.

Hannah provides a personal coaching approach with empathy for the individual’s lifestyle requirements. Working with the client to create tailored plans to suit that client and their needs. 

We are all individual and all live very different life’s with different priorities, stresses, work schedules, time pressures these are just a few factors which make our lifestyle unique.

How I coach.

In consultation with the client, we come up with an outline of how to eat all the foods they enjoy and still meet their protein and fibre (vegetable and fruit) daily targets alongside the energy requirements they need to successfully hit their goal.

The client and I then use the coaching process of weekly or biweekly accountability check-ins to monitor progress, educate, learn and develop the plan as priorities change within their lifestyle.

This flexible approach allows the client to successfully move through different periods of their busy lives where usually work, stress, lack of time, kids’ activities/holidays can take over.

By having example meals and portable/convince food options allows them to successfully manage their consumption with their busy lives. This reduces the barriers they may currently have and increases their success rate.

These are part of the habit-based behaviour changes and the education process of becoming calorie-conscious. This allows the client to develop a flexible and sustainable approach that puts the client in control of their choices. 

What I stand for.

My goal as a nutrition coach is to educate all my clients to the point where they can make meals based on their individual

  • Energy (calorie),
  • Protein
  • Vegetables/fruit requirements.

This allows them the freedom to insert different foods to meet these needs and suit their lifestyle and enjoyment of food.

This creates a sustainable approach to nutrition providing a healthy lifestyle. 

Hannah Sweetman Nutrition is based in Eton, Windsor Berkshire UK and works with clients in person in the local area. 

Hannah also works with online clients based in the UK and worldwide. The online approach still provides a personal touch with video calling meaning you still gain the support you require.

If you would like to find out about coaching and how I can help you achieve your goals please get in touch and we will organise a free no-obligation call to talk through whether coaching is the right option for you.

Hannah Sweetman - Weight Loss Support - Eton - Windsor - United Kingdom.

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Hannah Sweetman Nutrition is an online coaching service that will work with you towards your ideal lifestyle.

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