Client Weight Loss Results

Read how Hannah Sweetman Nutrition clients achieved weight loss success.

Margaret's Journey

weight loss transformation

Margaret had tried many different weight loss diets and plans in the past including Weight Watchers and seeing a Dietitian and successfully lost weight. The problem was she was unable to maintain her weight loss long term. Margaret had not developed the tools to incorporate weight maintenance into her lifestyle. In 2017 she lost some weight without any support and was feeling healthier which therefore drove her to get back to a healthy weight for her size. To achieve this, she invested in support through online nutrition coaching. Each week she was accountable and checked in with me providing me with her weekly weight average which we used to track her weight loss progress. She also learnt how to use the app My Fitness Pal and we monitored her food and calorie intake. With the accountability and support alongside the tracking mechanisms, Margaret lost 24kgs and came off all the medications she had been prescribed due to being at an unhealthy weight range. The best part about Margaret’s journey is she is now in 2021 three years post losing the weight (Margaret’s lost the weight over a year-long journey) and is successfully maintaining her weight and health markers. She has been able to achieve this via the education process she learnt through her coaching period as she now knows what correct portions for her size look like, how to make balanced meals and how to fit in her favourite treats and social events and still successfully maintain her weight.

Coaching period 1 year.

Suzanne's Journey

weight loss journey

Suzanne started coaching with a great understanding of nutrition and how to use the My Fitness Pal app to keep an eye on her calorie intake. Suzanne has a busy lifestyle working within the NHS. When we started working together, she was not currently tracking via the app. With weight loss being the focus for Suzanne we spoke through what methods of tracking her nutrition would be best suited to her success. Suzanne decided she would like to track her calories and protein intake via the app. Together we set up weekly targets for her to aim for such as spreading protein over the day and providing ideas on the foods she loves that help her reach her daily protein requirements. At each check-in, we would monitor her progress using her work uniform as one of her measurement tools. We have seen her uniform get looser as the weeks have gone by. Suzanne and I are still working together and her hard work is continuing to pay off.

Coaching period Jan 2021 to current.

Richards's Journey

weight loss successfully

Richard had a big birthday celebration coming up in June and therefore he decided he wanted to wear a particular pair of jeans that no longer fitted him on the special birthday. We started working together in January and investigated what was currently working well nutritionally and what needed improvement. We set up some simple weekly targets for Richard to start working on which included aiming for 2 types of veggies at lunch and dinner meals and consuming 2 pieces of fruit per day. We pair these targets alongside some other foundational health targets along his journey. At each coaching check-in, we would establish the level of difficulty in achieving the targets and if he felt ready to take on a new or more challenging target, we would add this to his weekly checklist. Weeks flew by and the weight dropped off. I am proud to say Richard was comfortably back in his jeans weeks before his big birthday celebration.

Coaching period Jan 2021 to current.

Cheryl's Journey

weight loss MFP success
weight loss MFP

Cheryl started working with me with a great understanding of nutrition and training. She was a regular participant in different gym classes which she enjoyed but needed to focus back on the foundation habits to allow her to maintain a lean and healthy body composition. Her main drive for change was to fit back into her motorbike leathers so she could feel confident and comfortable when out on her bike. Cheryl choose to track her intake via My Fitness Pal where we focused on total calorie intake and daily protein intake. We also targeted a certain amount of fruit and vegetables to be consumed each day and that was it. Cheryl’s consistency could not be faulted, and she enjoyed meals out and a logical dose of enjoyment of alcohol during her time dieting. Cheryl comfortably achieved her goal of getting back into her motorbike leathers before deciding to then move to maintenance calories and remove the need to track on My Fitness Pal. Cheryl has now finished her coaching journey and has the understanding to not need an external app to recognise what an appropriate portion size is for her needs. She has also learnt how to be calorie conscious and aware of high-calorie foods balancing these with a logical dose to enjoy her lifestyle.

Coaching period May 2021 to August 2021

Becky's Journey

weight loss success
weight loss

During the time Becky and I have been working together we have used different nutritional strategies to help her achieve weight loss. Adapting the plan during busy times in her life such as house renovations and changing jobs she has successfully lost over 10kg’s to date. During times of higher stress, we would utilise a habit tracking approach and target the areas that would provide the most benefit to continue progressing forwards. Each fortnight when we check in, we then assess how she has got on with the targets and review if we need to adapt or change any targets to ensure the next fortnight allows for the same successful pathway forwards. This is the benefit of regular meetings with clients. Life evolves and changes at pace therefore a weight loss plan will need to be tailored to the individual but flexible to suit their lifestyle.

Coaching period June 2020 to current.

Kristina's Journey

A little back story: I struggled with my relationship with food since my teenage years. I was on some type of diet for the majority of my 20’s and never really felt “at peace” around food. I struggled with the “all or nothing” mentality, food guilt/shame, categorizing foods as “good” vs “bad”, and disordered eating. I felt like I was going to be stuck in a food prison forever…until I hired my first nutrition coach Hannah Sweetman Nutrition who taught me that there was a way to achieve a happy balance with my diet. She introduced me to “flexible eating/macro counting” and educated me on the importance of healthy habits and eating foods that fuel my body to make it run its best, while still incorporating the foods that fuel my soul and allow me to enjoy myself guilt-free. She introduced me to the world of counting macros and for the first time, since my teenage years, food wasn’t feared or obsessed over, it just felt easy. I was able to reach my fitness goals and still live my life (and if you’ve ever suffered from your relationship with food, you know that it feels like you will never achieve this peace of mind.)

Kristina O’ Conner past client. Coaching period 2017.

Client Success Stories


These are just a few of the amazing transformations some of my clients have had to date. ⁠

To get results like these amazing clients you need to be ready to make small changes over time to your lifestyle.⁠ You need to be ready to change.⁠ This is the most important part of the consultation process. ⁠Developing an understanding of how ready you are to change. Please note lifestyle changes don't mean an overhaul of your current lifestyle overnight!⁠ It means small changes that you believe are achievable each week.⁠ Assess and adapt.⁠

Coaching is about accountability. ⁠

Coaching is about listening to the client.⁠

Coaching is about seeing what the client wants to change and assessing together. ⁠

If they are ready to change then coming up with a suitable target/s to work towards for that week.⁠Coaching will help you with strategies to help manage your nutrition around your lifestyle and help to ensure your plan is tailored to you.⁠

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