How to stop yo-yo dieting and lose weight in a way that is best for you.

yo yo dieting

Become accountable for your decisionsā  and accept that some days you will consume more calories than on other days. That is normal eating.

My goal as a nutrition coach is to educate all my clients that you are not on a diet one day and off it the next. 

We must all own our decisions in life including our health and well-being. An example is if your goal is fat loss (a goal that you are choosing to pursue) you can in social situations choose the lower calorie option or control your portion size. Remember to focus on the reason you are there is for the enjoyment of the company you are dining with. 

You can also use the option of banking calories leading up to the higher calorie meal to give you some leeway (only recommended to a certain point). Or you can choose to pause the weight loss goal and take the calories on the chin.

Please note that if you consume more calories in a particular week than what you require to maintain your weight it's likely that you will enter a surplus and therefore put on weight as a result. One week of slight weight gain or maintaining weight is not a reason to give up on weight loss as a whole. Higher calorie intake weeks are normal. You may wish to review why calories were higher. If it was due to informed choices you made around food then accept that decision and move on. If you overconsumed calories due to other reasons look into what triggered the overconsumption of calories and adjust by learning from the experience. A reminder that it's never an all or nothing approach.

Whatever YOU CHOOSE know that YOU always have options.

You just need to choose which option is right for you at the time.

This creates an accountable approach to decision making for the client.

Stop feeling guilty for over-consuming calories. It happens and it is normal. Learn from the experience and continue to work on sustainable lifestyle habits and behaviours that will move you closer to your goal body composition and stop yo-yo dieting today. 

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