What is the best diet?

Listed below are examples of some of the different nutritional aspects I work on with my clients.

The below requirements are an example of some of the different nutritional aspects I work on with my clients. These are considered important for overall health and well-being. Please note the coaching process is about developing an understanding of what the client wants to focus on to obtain optimal health. Therefore the client will lead the way to decide which aspects he/she would like to focus on. There will also be different targets set depending on the clients the starting point. For example, if the client is currently not including any fruit within their diet we would start by together coming up with an appropriate starting point of what is achievable for the client. This could be adding a serving a day with the main meal.

Keeping snacks/indulgences/alcohol to 150kcal (ideally the maximum per day).

2x Fruit serving per day (minimum). Aiming for a total of at least 300g per day.     

Veggies at 2x meals per day. Aiming for a total of at least 375g per day. (Aim for 250g at least meal).     

Protein total daily intake between 1.6-2.4g/kg/day from a quality source. Split across 3-4 meals. Minimal dose (0.40–0.55 g/kg/meal per meal).     

Daily walks or daily movement.     

Have at least 2 serves of dairy per day. E.g. Reduced fat milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.      

Carbohydrates coming from wholegrain choices predominantly.     


Takeaways try to limit to 0-1x per week e.g. pizzas, commercial burgers, hot chips, or other deep-fried foods.      

2–3 serves of fish (including oily fish) per week.  

1gram of plant-sourced omega-3 (ALA) each day.       

Vitamin D3 2500IU per day.      

Outdoor light exposure (ideally a short walk) before noon and before the sunsets in the evening.     

Try to eat 30 different plants each week. (Nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices count).

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