What is Calorie Conscious?

The calorie-conscious concept is a philosophy that no foods are off-limits to you. This enables you to get rid of any guilt you may feel when eating your favourite foods because life is way too short to not enjoy that piece of cake mindfully.

Most of your energy intake (calories) needs to be made up of highly nutritiously dense foods, the veggies, the lean meats, the minimally processed foods. If you’re confused as to what these foods are, think of foods that have minimal ingredients and the ingredients are something that you recognise.

Then a small amount of your energy intake is the “fun stuff” the foods which are hyper-palatable (extremely appealing to eat). These are the foods that have a high-calorie amount for the volume of food. An example could be a chocolate muffin or a can of cider or a pizza at your favourite Italian restaurant.

This moves into the targets I like to work on with my clients. The targets are worked on over a period of time (dependant on how long the client needs) as we look to turn these into habitual routines, so they become regular practice and hard to give up.

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