5 Ingredient Low Calorie Pizza Recipe

Calorie Consious Recipes for Weight Loss Success

(Serves 1) Kcal 507 Protein 38g Fat11g carbs 73g (per serve).

low calorie pizza


(for a Ham and Pineapple pizza but you can adapt for your preferences!).

  • Half a ready to top Crosta & Mollica sourdough pizza base. I HIGHLY recommend this brand foryour homemade pizza making. This has no added ingredients and is made using olive oil andtastes authentic!
  • 20g of Eat Lean Cheese ( this keeps the calories down but you could use low fat cheese too)
  • 4x slices of Ham (sliced into small pieces).
  • 70g of canned pineapple pieces (drained)
  • 200g of vegetables. Pictured is 100g broccoli with 100g swede and carrot mash.


Pre heat your oven to 190 degrees placing the oven tray in the middle of the oven.

Cut your pizza base in half so you have half a pizza base. Then either share the other half or youcan freeze the half portion for another day.

Top your pizza with the ham, pineapple and cheese (if using Eat Lean cheese I would recommendnot putting this on top of your pizza until the final 1-2 minutes of cooking time remains). This isdue to the cheese being low in fat content it does not melt as well as regular cheese.

Place the topped pizza on a tray or a pizza stone and put in the oven for 9-10 minutes.

While this is cooking chop up your 200g of vegetables and cook.

Remove pizza from the oven and serve with your side of vegetables.

*Note this is a great way to entertain with guests or spend some time with family. Plus is cheaperand calorie conscious too!

pizza barcode

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