A simple way I look at high-calorie foods.

Your overall diet should be made up of predominantly minimally processed foods. This means filling your plate with lots of veggies/fruits, a lean protein source, healthy fats and the correct amount of carbohydrates for your activity levels. 

"Worth it" foods will be individual to you. What one person loves to eat another person would place in the not worth it box!

We all love higher calorie indulgent foods and drinks! I find the best way to keep higher calorie foods within my limits is to enjoy them when they are "worth it”. This means I make the decision to enjoy a meal out or a cake and coffee with friends or an ice cream with family rather than just having it because everyone else is. 

"I am responsible for my own choices”. “Worth it" situations I recommend to clients are a restaurant meal (either a starter and main or a main and desert) or a cake (baking) or desert once a week or if you like to drink, I recommend going alcohol free throughout the week and only drinking in moderation (i.e., not more than 2-3 drinks) on the weekend. I find its always best to not have "fun foods" which are hyper palatable (extremely appealing to eat) in the house or to have them in small single serving sized packaging. That way it becomes an effort to source these foods or to over commune them. This ensures a thought process happens before mindlessly consuming these types of foods.

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